Restore cards to a new Nokia device

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How do I restore my cards to a new Nokia device?

Restore cards to a new Nokia device
Even if you sync the CardStar app to your new Nokia phone you will have to transfer the cards stored inside the app to your new device via your CardStar Connect account. To restore your cards to your new device please make sure you have set up a CardStar Connect account on your old device (iPhone/iPod, Android or Nokia phone).
To restore your cards to your new Nokia phone:
  1. Open CardStar.
  2. Select the Accounts tab and select CardStar Connect.
  3. Select the Extras tab.
  4. Select Sync to another device.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your CardStar Connect ID and four-digit passcode.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Enter your 12-digit CardStar Connect ID.
  8. Select OK and enter your passcode.
To verify that your information is saved each time a change is made to your card library:
  1. Re-enter CardStar Connect.
  2. Set Auto backup "ON".
  3. Set Auto Sync "OFF".
If you are syncing a second device to an account created on another device, and want to keep your device in sync at all times:
  1. Set Auto Backup "OFF".
  2. Set Auto Sync "ON".
Note: The most common reason cards go missing inside CardStar is incorrect backup settings inside the application. Either Auto Backup OR Auto Sync should be tuned ON, not both.

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