Add a card to the library in an iPhone/iPod (CardStar v4.x)

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How do I add a card to my library in my iPhone or iPod?

Add a card to the library in an iPhone/iPod (CardStar v4.x)
To add cards to you CardStar library:
  1. Open CardStar.
  2. Select the Plus Sign (+) in the top right hand corner.
  3. Search and select the Card Name you wish to add.
  4. Enter your Card Number or import your card number using the "Scan number using camera" feature.
  5. Select the checkmark to save.
If you are unable to find the merchant you are looking for, you can customize a card:
  1. Select (Other) from the merchant list.
  2. Under the Edit Card screen, select title to rename the card.
The camera hardware in the iPod isn't the same as the iPhone and may have trouble focusing on the barcode. If you experience trouble capturing the barcode with the camera installed on your device, please note these scanning tips:
  • Make sure the camera lens on your phone is clean and free of dust and fingerprints.
  • Make sure the card you are scanning is clean and free of dust and fingerprints.
  • Hold your phone approximately 5-8 inches from the barcode.  
  • Hold phone steady (not waiving side to side or zooming in and out)
  • It may take up to 10 seconds for the barcode reader to properly focus and capture the barcode.  Tap on your screen, where the barcode appears, to better help it to focus.
If you follow the tips above and are still unable to capture the barcode with your camera you may have to enter the ID manually on your keypad. It is important to note that scanning cards into your device is not available for most library cards.

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