Device not scanning in store

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What do I do if I am unable to scan my device at the store?

Device not scanning in store
Different merchants use all different types of scanning technologies in their stores. While the newer scanning technologies can read digital barcodes displayed on phones, some of the older scanning technologies cannot scan digital barcodes off certain mobile devices because of the device screens.
We have carried out extensive testing but unfortunately, there is no workaround we can provide for this issue of incompatible technologies (between the mobile device and the scanner). This is why your phone is not likely to scan at self-checkouts or will scan in one store but not another.

Note: Older scanners have a harder time reading the retina displays installed on the newer iPhones (4 & 4S).
Please know that we are in the process of working with merchants to update their scanning technology and reduce this occurrence. In the mean time, if you are unable to scan your device in a particular store we recommend that you ask the store clerk to enter the number below the barcode manually. We understand this is a slight inconvenience to you and appreciate your patience as retail scanning technologies catch up with mobile barcode displays. CardStar continues to be a useful tool to store loyalty, rewards, and membership information and always beats carrying around a stack of plastic.
Additional scanning tips include:
  • Whenever possible use handheld scanners (as opposed to flatbed/self check-out scanners).
  • Make sure the screen is free of dust and fingerprints. 
  • Make sure the entire barcode is contained in the viewfinder rectangle. 
  • Hold the barcode image steady (don’t wave it around).
  • Set your screen brightness to 80% or higher for best scanning results.
  • If you wish to use a screen protector we recommend screen protectors with a ‘clear’ finish. Screen protectors with a ‘matte’ or ‘privacy’ finish can interfere with the scanning process.

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